Mitsurugi Soulcalibur VI : premières impressions

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    Les impression de Party Wolf sur le personnage :

    - Mitsurugi's new moves -

    - 1BB - This is a crazy low mid string. It is a natural combo on standing opponents AND grounded opponents. It leaves you in full crouch with some frame advantage
    - 1BA+B- This isnt a natural combo but I guess you use it to bait reversal edges. Automatically goes into Relic.
    - 66(B) - It is his SCV 66BB but you hold the input on the first part of the string to go into Relic.
    - Relic B - Ok this is kinda a new move? It looks similar to the old Relic B, but it doesn't sidestep.
    - Relic A, Relic (A), and Relic AA - Seems like just a jab. Both hits are high. 1st hit can go into Mist.
    - Relic K - Long range unsafe tackle. Very useful in combos since it spikes then down in front of you for a free follow up
    - 6BB and 6B(B) - Mid stabs that go into Mist. Dunno how good it is.
    - 66K - Shoulder tackle. Felt really linear and less reward than just running up and doing his old 33K.
    - AAA - Same deal as Sophitia. I honestly don't remember if it is a mid or not, but it is slow.
    - BBB - Basically a BB into a reversal edge.
    - 6AA - Same as his old 6A, but now there is a painfully slow mid horizontal follow up.
    - WR AA - Same WR A but with a high follow up that side turns on hit. NC.(modifié)

    - Mitsurugi Changes -

    - 1A no longer knocksdown
    - 1aB has a new animation
    - 3A is like his old 3A but the animation is changed and it feels like it might have nerfed range. Felt weird.
    - BB6 is changed to B(B)
    - bA CH stuns. Can't really get much of a combo. Increased pushback.
    - 3B
    - B6
    - 1B is now changed to 2B
    - 236B and 236(B) now have severe pushback on hit and block. Hold version might be faster too. For regular 236B I couldn't even punish it with Mitsu B6 and I was definitely out of range for everything else that would be faster. Seems like the ultimate "get off me move" next to Soul Charge.
    - SC4 44AA changed to be 236A:A
    - SC4 11K changed to 236K. 236(K) on hit makes Relic B a frame trap that you can't move out of. You just gotta hold that.
    - 6B8 is now 4B
    - 11BA is now ALSO 44BA. Mist transition on normal hit grants you a couple face pokes.
    - FC 1BB is now WS B2B
    - New Jump B is like a while landing B in animation. Causes stun on hit and gives you a free 1BB.
    - kB unchanged, but SC2 players will like the Soul Charge version.
    - 2KB is now inputted as 1KB. -13 on hit with pushback on hit.
    - 4KB now pushes you out far on hit. If you only land 4K you're left standing.
    - WR K has increased range to match 4K. Has some pushback.
    - SC4 A+B is now B+K
    - 8A+B
    - A+B is the same animation as his broken destiny move that causes CF.
    - 66A+BG now cancels into Relic
    - Regains his SC2 66AA
    - 22A is now 11_44_77A. Can do 44(A) to go into Relic.
    - Regains his SC4 22A
    - Mist (B) goes into Relic
    - Mist BBBB has a new animation to where the last hit looks like his SC5 4B.
    - Mist A+B is faster. Stuns them on hit but they fall too low to get a 3B relaunch. If you trigger his revenge attack by hitting him out of it, he comes back at you with a mid unblockable.
    - Mist KB NCC
    - 2B+KB is the same unblockable, but on hit it gives him the hit throw animation of SC5 A+B.
    - Generic low kick is 2K

    - Mitsurugi in Soul Charge -

    - Gets his 2KB BE from SC5 as 1KBB. Can do all three hits on block.
    - 3B BE returns as 3BB.
    - 22BB is a mid stun into a mid launcher. NC.
    - 66A+B
    - kB
    - bA hit throws on normal hit
    - 236B spikes them to the ground like 236B BE in SC5

    - Overall Mitsurugi Impression -
    Now has better lows with 1BB and 236(K) into Relic B force block. Soul Charge version is pretty ridiculous since he has those easy 50/50s on top of the SC2 kB as a get in tool. Seems improved just like Sophitia. 236B as a neutral resetter will be very handy.

    Sample Mitsu combo:
    33(B), Relic K, 66BB
  2. Hispike Balance is a fool's master

    Ça fais plaisir de voir autant de changements sur un perso classique, j'espère en voir + ! :)

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