Deusmentes (English Version)

Five years have passed since Kusanagi’s victory over Keev in the second edition of the Deusmentes. Today I am very pleased to announce that the Deusmentes is returning for a third edition on Soulcalibur VI.

For this new event, we have expanded the number of players invited to participate in the Only Deus Fogives games as well as the geographic area as for the first time, foreign players will be able to participate in the qualifications.

Here is the unfolding of this new Deusmentes :

Sans titre 1.jpg

Sans titre 2.jpg

Sans titre 3.jpg

Sans titre 4.jpg

Sans titre 5.jpg

Sans titre 7.jpg



Sans titre 10.jpg

Sans titre 11.jpg

Sans titre 12.jpg

Sans titre 13.jpg

Sans titre 14.jpg
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