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  1. Belial Invité

    Hey guys.

    I need a little help here.
    I guess most of you know me and probably know Rufus too.
    Me and Rufus have an ongoing rivalry, as some of you may know by now
    At this point Russian community is divided on two sides: one supports me, other Rufus
    Recently I had an idea of running 5x5 challenge to get the hype up, but after I named my team Rufus named his and included people like Azodimazze (Italy) and Holycarp (England) on his team. Which outraged a lot of people but Rufus refuses to change his team and says its our problem. I belive he aims at me playing chicken and running away from challenge.
    My concern is that connect is not very good with these players (3 bars for me).
    So I am hiring hot heads willing to play on my side versus Rufus. His other members are from Moscow so possibly connect with France will be bearable and it should be fine with Eng and Italy for you guys.
    Of course I would love to get some big names on my team, but cant be chooser here.
    Let me know what you think. If theres some love for good old Belial in your hearts you will be there for me, I know :p

    Edit: PSN only :(
  2. Maxou Toxic Avenger


    Good luck Rufus.

    PS : Do it offline.
    PPS : Who won the last offline tournament?
    Silent Joel et hazekeno aiment ça.
  3. GOLD Zappy Invité

    Sry too I'm not in PSN + ma connection is reaaaalyyyy bad :c
  4. hazekeno Well-Known Member

    Te juge pas zappy c pas ta faute
  5. Bboy-Skyzo soul stabber

    @Belial :
    you should join, happy, dranakal, rosa, keysona, sakon, (malek???), kira
    i think they all play on PSN and they are all good
  6. Belial Invité

    I won last offline tournament, also here's my MM with Rufus

    And I won last online tournament from Rufus too

    Also as you may know by now I won MFA in August after not playing for almost a year. I just came to play for fun and beat all players who kept practicing including Rufus xD The gif in the first post is from that tournament xD
  7. Dranakal Dranakanette

    @bboy: a part happy je vois rarement les autres online sur le psn meme si je pense, il peuvent delaisser leurs boite le temps de regler ces comptes.
    @Belial i know you love me dude. last time we play i was playing with my dranawifi conection and in spite of "your algol sucks" i may be of some use in here and better than you think. the thing is its pretty the matchs i play with carp and aso are close and with ruffus i dont see a lot of troubles. so i dont guarantee you anything. since ring left, they're some of the best on euro psn..
    Anyway i offer you my help with a decent co. now do whatever u want with it, wip your ass with my offer.
    let me know
  8. Belial Invité

    Hey Drana, you know I love to taunt ppl, so pay no mind to "sucky Algol" you have xD
    WiFi is not a problem as we "fight lag with lag" here xD
    I would love to play you more on PSN though if you get a cable :)
    Btw can you send me a list of FR players on PSN I'd love to add them and play )
  9. Asodimazze Well-Known Member

    How does this challenge work exactly? I hope it's not one game per person...if it is a FT5 or FT10 I'll be really happy.

    Great results Belial! Just to be a bit more precise, don't forget that you also lost vs me in the online tournament organized on the 24th of November (the one that I won), and from what I can read in the Russian forum cried a lot about it..... but let's keep it a secret.
    Silent Joel et hazu aiment ça.
  10. Belial Invité

    Apparently it is one person = one game

    The only reason I've ever lost to you is b/c of ridiculous lag and thats exactly what everybody "cried" about.
    Italian players like to talk big though. In SC4 I robbed your country of a year income through moneymathes at Cannes. Do not make the same mistake.
  11. cynefyl Well-Known Member

    Hi Belial.

    If he's not in Rufus Team, i see one other good german player on the psn. Darkslayer_DMD.
    And maybe he has good german sparring partners. ( I remember an Astaroth, God waffle..something like that who join a lobby one time with HolyCarp and Darkslayer)

    I can talk about that with him if you want?
  12. Belial Invité

    Lol, despite the match should be 5x5, Rufus said they had 2 members on the side, one of which is Darkslayer.
    Actually his team is Rufus, Edge, GreenLeo, Azodimazze, HolyCarp, Darkslayer and FunkeXmiX

    So no, Darkslayer is out of the question sadly.
  13. cynefyl Well-Known Member

    Arf..bad news haha.
    So, i hope there will be french players who join your team ;)

    Good luck!
  14. hAppY Cosa Nostra

    Psn id : Drygone
  15. Dranakal Dranakanette

    @Belial if i were you ( and thanks god im not, im much more handsome)
    from the people i dont see online but who maybe be somewhere anyway,
    i'd pick the bboy's list players.
    otherwise, from the people i see online, i'd considere: kalas, drygone , kojirokirijo, derfel and myself because my Akuma's pic is so awsome. maybe the russian player moodohoui is good enough as well
  16. Asodimazze Well-Known Member

    3 Bars is not "awful lag", and I don't know why should I care about what you did in SC4, 3 2 or 1 lol.
    You surely are a good player, but totally ignore how to accept a loss. Grow up
    Silent Joel aime ça.
  17. Pantocrator Prophète de l'Abysse

    Try to contact this guy. But not sure if he will be more effective than the last time.


    PSN ID : Pak-Pakdu06
    Maxou, raziel et Bboy-Skyzo aiment ça.
  18. Belial Invité

    I am not the one bragging about laggy win, are you sure it is I, who needs to grow up?
    The connect was _terrible_. Period.
    If we both get to Cannes I hope you're ready to put money where your mouth is.
  19. Belial Invité

    Thank you for the info, I'll try to contact them and see if they can join us.
    Cant find ID: kojirokirijo
  20. Asodimazze Well-Known Member

    I see you don't get what I'm saying, but sure thing if we both go to Cannes I'll be glad to play you again.

    It is Kojiro_Kirijo.

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