SC5 [25/Oct/ 2014] Edge Master Series Major 2014 (NW10 6JZ)

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Edge Master Series Major 2014
Date de début: 25/Oct/ 2014 12:00
Date de fin: 25/Oct/ 2014 23:00
Fuseau horaire: Europe/London +01:00 BST

The Heart of Gaming
Unit 10a Cullen Way
NW10 6JZ

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Confirmed Attendees: 2
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  1. Silent Joel Well-Known Member


    Xbox 360

    Venue Entry

    Tournament Fee
    £5 for each tournament per person i.e. 1 Team is £10 total

    Saturday October 25th - SCV 2v2 Team Tournament
    Character lock for tournament and no repeat characters on each team
    Japanese Rules. Each player will face off one of the oppenents team members until all the members
    are the team are eliminated in a FT1 match E.g.
    Team 1: A & B, Team 2: X & Y. A plays X, and B plays Y. If X and Y win their matches, they
    progress, but if X wins and B wins, X plays B and the victor's team goes through.

    CaS, Devil Jin Banned. Dampierre TBC

    Saturday October 25th - SCV Solo Tournament
    Default VS mode (3 rounds, 60 seconds)
    All matches are First to 3 wins.
    Loser has option of character change or select stage of their choice..
    Standard 1P and 2P costumes unless opponent doesn't mind.
    Double Elimination bracket (Groups if enough people)
    CaS, Devil Jin Banned. Dampierre TBC

    All tournament fees will go into the Pot and split between top 3.
    Extra Prizes and Pot split TBC

    Many food close by like Cafes, Dominos and Subway. Also 24/7 Supermarket.
    Short bus ride near 'London Park Royal Travelodge' Hotel are KFC, Pizza Hut, Nandos,
    Chiquitos, Chinese buffet, Burger King and Costa.

    Easyjet - Cheap airplane from different European cities

    iDBus & Eurolines- Cheap coach with wifi and power points

    BlaBlaCar - Share car journeys

    Easiest/Cheapest way to get from hotel to venue is cab, which is very cheap if you are in a group
    (4 people for car, 6 people for van)

    Travelodge - 'London Park Royal' is a short bus ride and about 20mins walk from venue. 'London
    Wembley' is a short bus ride too. Both hotels have a sale on at the moment and you can easily
    fit 3 people in each room.

    Bridge Park Hotel - Mix of shared en suite and with out rooms. Also has a hostel style room
    which is very cheap. Short cab ride away from venue. Longer by bus.

    I'll add more good hotels that I find.
    Remember you can also stay at the venue overnight, and is included in your entry fee
    GOLD ShaD, hAppY et KiraDems aiment ça.
  2. Dranakal Dranakanette

    The venue entry should be free for the winners of the last year......Wolf ,happy and ...ME
    Maybe i'll come then.LOL as u surely understood ive got some money issue
  3. Silent Joel Well-Known Member

    I'll pay for yours and Happy's Venue entry fees if you come.
    Dranakal aime ça.
  4. GOLD ShaD Rush of frames...

    Donc j'arrive à Londres le 24 octobre à 22h45 a l'aéroport de Gatwick et je rentre le 26 octobre à 13h30. Les golds vous venez ou pas?Izno toujours interressé??
  5. Silent Joel Well-Known Member

    Just a small update on Interested list. All the International players are confirmed.

    Pre Registered/Interested list:

    Silent Joel
    J. Miller
    Angelic Haze

    Rest of UK
    Don Joff
    Phil O

    Gold Shad
  6. Silent Joel Well-Known Member

  7. Ryukozan La force caché

    Shad a complètement dominé le tournoi anglais. Bravo à toi. Tu as bien fait le ménage chez nos voisins british

  8. milo-94 Le pouvoir est absolu

    Et shad a gagné aussi la team avec silent joel (contre kalas et holycarp en finale team).
    Superbe match shad / holycarp
  9. kisame74 Avance, ne recule jamais.

    GG a toi Shad !!!!! Tu a posé ton trône comme il se doit !!!
    GOLD ShaD aime ça.
  10. GOLD ShaD Rush of frames...

    Merci all :)
    Les français en force!!!!!
  11. Djo Cosa Nostra

    tu as "brillé" lol, GG !
    merci d'avoir placé la communauté française en haut du podium ,chapeau !
    GOLD ShaD aime ça.
  12. GOLD Rock Esquive décisive

    Bravo Shad ! Tu concrétises à l'étranger, bien joué ;)
    GOLD ShaD aime ça.
  13. Jo-Cash SWGA ...and Justice for all.

    Félicitations @GOLD ShaD! Les pendules ont été remise à l'heure! Gardes le cap, y a du yankee à aller broyer dans pas longtemps! GG!
    GOLD ShaD aime ça.
  14. Silent Joel Well-Known Member

    Jo-Cash SWGA et GOLD ShaD aiment ça.
  15. Dranakal Dranakanette

    Respect shad. t'es sans conteste dans le top 3 Europe. Je sentais holycarp finir deuxieme mais gg a lui quand meme. GG a tout les allemands qui ont fait le deplacement aussi.
    video en replay?
    HolyCarp et GOLD ShaD aiment ça.
  16. GOLD ShaD Rush of frames...

    Les videos vont êtres sur YouTube il me semble!sinon sur twitch!!
  17. GOLD ShaD Rush of frames...

    Les videos des finales les autres matchs sont sur YouTube:

    Final looser:

    Final Winner:

    Grande finale:
    hazekeno, Jo-Cash SWGA et Lopez aiment ça.

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